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Car Bomber Attacks China’s Capital

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 30, 2013

A few days ago a jeep carrying three people burst into flames and then blew up in the heart of the now infamous Tianenman square.

This spot seems to be a corpse magnet. Monks go there to self immolate, car bombers do the Big Bang there, and of course, PLA tanks go there to make mush of China’s citizenry.

Beijing has let the cat out of the bag and admitted that the event was a car bomb attack on the nation’s capital. Three guys drove one-half of a mile on the sidewalk, mowing down everyone in their way as top notch Chinese cops and paramilitary did what their DNA has programmed them to do- they ran for cover and hid.

After 400 meters of ‘crunch, smash and destroy’, the bombers lit an incendiary device and the car did the ‘big bang boooom!’

To their credit, Beijing has admitted this much.

Some would say that Beijing’s truthfulness about the event shows how open China has become. As a matter of fact, one Chinese friend told me,’ see, the Chinese government always tells the truth.’

After cleaning the laugh piss from my britches, I stared and shook my head as if to say ,’damn, I pity the collective stupidity of the Chinese’, but held my tongue and nodded sagely.

The truth is Beijing did what they always do, they swooped in on the event, blocked all reporting as soon as possible, then regrouped and shaped the narrative. First off they deny, then say they are investigating and then days, months or years later they leak the truth.

For example, it is common knowledge that the Great Leap was a disaster and cannibalism was widespread at this time. Of course, these facts have been leaked only decades later. This time lag was due to the fact that back then China was as isolated as North Korea and we did not have good data, but times have changed.

Nowadays it is harder for the communists to hide the facts, but they do when they can. For instance, a bit ago the son of a high powered commie died during a 3way of car love which left a woman dead and the other participant, a Tibetan paralyzed until she ‘died’ while taking her ‘medicine.’ This story was buried as long as possible, as it would embarrass the commies. Only when undisclosed sources talked about the crash, did the communists fess up.

In addition, the fact that Wen Jiabao’s family is worth $2.7 billion was hushed up and Grandtheft Wen, still has not admitted where his kin got the cash. Likewise, comrade Xi has not explained the wealth of his family and how they control 10% of China’s rare earths. A transparent and open Beijing would be a little more forthcoming, wouldn’t they?

Back to the Beijing Booom Booom!

So Beijing has admitted that the bombing was a terror attack and that both comrades Xi and Li Keqi.ang, numbers one and two on the commie hierarchy were in a building not 200 meters from the blast. The reason that they fess up was because they had to.

The fact is that tons of foreign tourists and reporters saw the bombing. What?

It’s true. Film and camera crews were there to film the news and they witnessed the explosion. Of course Beijing wanted to shape the narrative and instead of going after the attackers, they throttled the press, stole their video and demanded that the press not make live reports. If Beijing wanted to be open, surely they would have allowed us to see virgin footage of the event, right? Wouldn’t it make sense to allow reporters to do what they are good at, to report?

Of course the last thing Beijing wanted was to expose the unfettered truth. They did not want us nor the world to see the attack as it occurred for it would expose the truth- there are a lot of pissed off people here and the place is getting crazy.

Think about it like this. The attack occurred right next to a meeting of the commie kings and the keystone cops were powerless to stop it. It’s not like the attack was done by terror masterminds; it was merely some yokels with gas cans. The ineptitude of the paramilitary and police was in full effect as they pulled a ‘Nanjing’ and cowered as the event unfolded.

In addition to this little ooopsie, Beijing is embarrassed to admit how much despair and hatred is present in China, but hate and despair are roiling throughout this place.

Their ‘openness’ is inversely proportional to their inability to hide the truth. In the case of the death by ‘vehicular 3 way’, the commies held all the cards. Anyone trying to spill the beans about the accident could be detained, defeated and or disappeared. Thus, Beijing had little to fear. The car bombing, however, occurred at noon in the middle of a tourist trap and thus was much more hard to contain. Faced with these facts, Beijing did the logical thing, they told the truth, somewhat.

Newsies from around the world had reported on the event and you guys probably heard about it before we did. Faced with this, the commies would look even more idiotic if they claimed anything but the truth. How stupid would they look, if they contradicted witness testimony that the car drove 400 meters on the wrong side of the road and then a flame appeared in the car, followed by a thunderous explosion?

How do they explain away that? ‘Hi China, today we did not have a car bombing, but a minor incident in the heart of Beijing. Contrary to what evil capitalist roaders claim, all that happened was that a car was stopped in the middle of Beijing, causing a minor traffic jam. And as for those pics of the billowing smoke and closure of Tianenman and subway line 1, they are photoshopped pics made to look the strong communist party look bad and to embarrass the good people of China’!

Even the Chinese communists are not dumb enough to try and try anything that stupid.

One Response to “Car Bomber Attacks China’s Capital”

  1. fanta said

    Chinese Military Boss Booted Off Ruling Council Following Attack

    BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s ruling Communist Party announced on Sunday the removal of the military chief of restive Xinjiang from the region’s governing council, following a car crash in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square blamed on Islamist militants from Xinjiang.

    The official Xinjiang Daily said in a brief front page report that Peng Yong had been sacked as a member of Xinjiang’s Communist Party Standing Committee, and would be replaced by Liu Lei, an army veteran with more than a decade’s experience in the region.

    The newspaper gave no reason for the move, but the party frequently removes top officials following such incidents as it seeks to apportion blame.

    The incident was especially embarrassing for the stability-obsessed party given the billions of dollars it spends every year on domestic security, not only in Xinjiang but across the country, and that the crash happened in the heart of Beijing.

    Peng was appointed commander of the Xinjiang military region in July 2011. It is likely that he will also be relieved of his military duties.

    Real power in China lies with party bodies rather than government ones, as that is where the key decisions are made.

    The government has blamed Islamist extremists plotting holy war after a vehicle police said was laden with gasoline ploughed into bystanders outside the front entrance of the Forbidden City, on the north of Tiananmen Square.

    The three people in the car died, as did two tourists. More than 40 were injured. Police have also detained five suspected accomplices.

    Security has been stepped up in Beijing and Xinjiang following the incident.

    Beijing party chief Guo Jinlong has urged the police to improve their capacity to collect intelligence and take precautions against further attacks, the city government-run Beijing Daily said on Sunday.

    Guo urged police and security forces to “look for vulnerable links” and “learn the lessons” from the incident, the report said.

    Xinjiang is home to the Muslim Uighur minority, many of whom chafe at China’s restrictions on their religion, culture and language, though the government says they are granted broad freedoms.

    Xinjiang has been wracked by unrest in recent years, blamed by the government on the separatist East Turkestan Islamic Movement which Beijing believes was also responsible for last week’s incident.

    Rights groups, exiles and some experts say, though, that there is little evidence of a cohesive extremist movement operating in Xinjiang.

    In 2009, some 200 people died in Xinjiang’s regional capital Urumqi during riots which pitted Uighurs against the majority Han Chinese.

    the chinese flag is red. blood red..


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