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Hello Sunshine? Pollution Pics From China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 30, 2013

When it comes to pollution control, China has its head farther up its collective butt then a proverbial….well..uh..anyway, they suck

The rise of this place has meant that commies got rich from killing people from their land, people no longer have the right to ‘have a right’ and the land is putrified with waste. Groundwater is so contaminated that in many places it cannot even be used for industrial purposes. Fruits and veggies leach cadmium and others into their being, ensuring with every meal we get a heaping helping of heavy metals. Cows, too benefit from the toxins and then gush it out, utter style, into the milk we drnk.

But the air in China is another story. Things are so bad that athletes and musicians will forgo a trip to China, after all we wants to voluntarily walk into a smelting furnace?

In real terms, the air is nothing less than litigable. World standards have been set for particulate matters below 2,5 microns and Chinese air has astounded the experts. The WHO says we should snort no more than 20 pm2.5 per day in order to be healthy. We can handle more but usually the cut off is 100 for old folks. Last year in Paris they had a high reading of about 200 and the toper in America was 187.

Now consider China. A measurement of 300 is hazardous, as in not breathable and anything above that a little less than toxic.

Here is a typical sunny day in Beijing. The pollution is probably around 400 pm 2.5, or horrible.

This ‘sunny Beijing day’ was not too bad. It clocked in at mildly hazardous or 285.

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