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China’s Fakes Know No Bounds, Fake Museum in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 31, 2013

China fakes everything, after all, they say their leaders are politicians when in reality they are fascist mob bosses and nothing more. Tis act of fakery is known by the Chinese but often lost on many of us, especially US business.

In a less egregious act of lying, this museum was made of almost all fakes, costing a few bucks each. Sadly enough, that price is probably what most Chinese ‘relics’ are truly worth.

“The owner of a Chinese museum that was unmasked as an Aladdin’s Cave of fakery has reportedly died of an anger-induced heart-attack.

Wang Zonquan’s 60 million yuan (£6 million) Jibaozhai Museum in Jizhou, northern China, became an international joke in July after a Chinese writer and blogger claimed its prized collection of “ancient” relics was in fact almost entirely fake.

The museum was forced to close following allegations that the contents of its 12 exhibition halls had actually been cobbled together using cheap copies worth between £10.70 and £215.

Among the numerous gaffes reportedly committed by curators was including artefacts they claimed were more than 4,000 years old when the pieces in question were inscribed with simplified Chinese characters that only came into widespread use last century.

At the time, Wang Zonquan and his colleagues at the museum launched a somewhat half-hearted defence of their collection.

Wei Yingjun, its chief consultant, told The Telegraph he was “quite positive” that at least 80 of the 40,000 objects on display were genuine.

Mr Wang, who was 68 at the time of his death, attempted to dodge criticism by claiming that “even the gods cannot tell whether the exhibits are fake or not.”



2 Responses to “China’s Fakes Know No Bounds, Fake Museum in China”

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  2. Z said

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    Leave us alone.

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