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Weapons of Mass Destruction- Chinese Tourists

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 31, 2013

Chinese redefine the terms ‘ horrible’, ‘uncouth’ and oftentimes ‘ horrific’. They squak into phones at cochlea splitting decibels, urinate wherever they see fit and fill concrete with gobs of phlegm.this was not bad when Mao had them penned in like hamsters, but now they are out of their cages. What this means is that nowadays we too can find Chinese urchins waddling along and pestering real humans as well.

Here is what China is giving the world…

Stupidity, trash, ignorance and despair.

All hail the rise of China!

“”Chinese tourists often say they feel treated like second class people, even when they spend a lot of money,” says Arlt.

“When I go to a hotel and have to wait five minutes before I get my key, I never think, ‘Oh, they’re doing this to me because I’m German.’ I think, ‘Maybe they need more staff.’

“But Chinese view it as, ‘Aha! I knew it, they’re making me wait because I’m Chinese and they think they don’t need to treat me the same way as the Westerners.'”

This means service providers face the challenge of making Chinese guests feel welcome and comfortable, he says.”

How do we make them fell comfy? By spitting while they talk to us and digging funk from our ears with our car keys? This is what they do to us, right?

“And the world is having a hard time getting to know the Chinese.

“Why is it women from other countries can enter and leave a toilet in such a way that you hardly know they are there, but with Chinese women the toilet takes on the atmosphere of a country market?”

Spitting is a box to tick for China writers and reporters. At least two memoirs (“Pretty Woman Spitting: An American’s Travels in China” by Leanna Adams and “Too Busy to Spit” by Scott Kelly”) use spit in the title. It is easily the top complaint about Chinese society in the West and even within China itself, where Chinese who perceive themselves as cultured are almost harsher on the subject than foreigners. The elimination of spitting was a core target of the New Life Movement of Madame Chiang Kai-Shek (Soong Mei-ling), the Wellesleyan and Wesleyan-educated wife of the Generalissimo.(Echo Wang is herself a Chinese national.) When China’s Vice-Premier, Wang Yang, acknowledged some “uncivilized behavior” by Chinese tourists in a May statement, the inclusion of spitting felt almost required by CCP law.

It’s at the point in any spitting conversation that I usually point to the picture of Mao Zedong and Richard Nixon seated together, a spittoon front and center next to the Chairman’s right foot.

And yet, as a New York Times story from Singapore all the way back in 2005 was already griping about, Chinese tourists spend too much money in too wrong a way. This perception of wallets without personality or humanity leads inevitably to wrong conclusions. Germany’s National Tourist Board representatives recently referred to Chinese tourists as “our customers.” An offensive, if subtle, comment that demonstrates the view that the tourism goals of the Chinese are crassly commercial and not of the spiritual variety prized in the West.


One Response to “Weapons of Mass Destruction- Chinese Tourists”

  1. Long time in China said

    Chinese are special, inofar as they fail to obey logic and reason. Tey operate in a paralel universe of stupidity.

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