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Chinese ‘Holocaust Air’ Fashion

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 1, 2013

China’s sunshine looks like this

So Chinese have to dress like this

Well, I am exaggerating a little. The terrorist mask pictured was not the one used by those people who car bombed Tianenman a few days ago, its something different. This mask is worn to ‘protect’ Chinese from the harmful rays of a pc monitor. Based on millions of years of Chinese ‘wisdom’ , non of which has anything to do with electronics nor ‘wisdom’, the locals have taken to shrouding their skulls in order to protect them while in front of a computer.

Hmm,… Ok lets just think about that.

I repeat, Beijing air looks like this

Which means in China we should all dress like this

But most Chinese only do this

And take no precautions, Which means their lungs look like a human version of this

But when sleeping aka at work, those crafty chicoms look like this

Which leads me to believe that their brains are filled with this

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