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Good Comment on the Promise of China’s Future

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 3, 2013

I didn’t write, this but if I had, it would read pretty much the same…
“china joined the wto in 2001. thank you chinese hotel-bed-women. our governments are disgusting. they thought that they are dealing with a civilized partner. a chinese “promise” is worth shit. well, here you go. 2014 now. did china fulfill its “promises”? nope. of course not. it’s china. the world is now waking up and knows what china really is now: a giant north korea. the next 5-10 years will be extremly interesting. good bye china. stay behind your wall and don’t interfere with humans or you will be eradicated from the map. not the world will do it. you are not important. your people will do the job.”

From the comments

Pic is of another shameless Chinese knockoff

3 Responses to “Good Comment on the Promise of China’s Future”

  1. fanta said

    chinese as samurai? *megalol* what’s next? chinese as spanish conquistadores? chinese as SS officers? chinese as mother teresa? chinese as jesus christ? chinese as napoleon?

    chinese should do what they can do best: being an extraterrestrial in some cheap science fiction flic.

    • Fanta said

      …..or a cockroach in a cellar. but they are being exactly that. since 1000.000 years (yes, chinese “culture” is really that old)..well..china and chinese…it’s a hope less case. an ape in a suit is still an ape.

  2. Fanta said

    china – sick man of asia.

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