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China’s View on Good and Evil

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 4, 2013

I just finished reading The Civil Servant’s Handbook, which pretty much sums up what China is all about. The book shows how Chinese workers while away their days thinking of ways to suck up to the boss and better their position but rarely consider how to add value. Is fact becomes painfully obvious in China’s absence in giving the world anything. At best their collective presence is insignificant, at worst they are a net taker.

Consider the fact that although they have over 22% of the people on the planet, they have little to show for it.

Cure for polio? nope, not from China
Invent the net, youtube, cell phones, DVD players, CD’s or computers?

Definitely not

Some panda huggers, aka ill informed or outright ignoramuses, will say, ‘hey China took a breather under Mao and did not invent much.’

To watch I would grab my junk at them and call, ‘suck it’ because the ‘breather’ or break from innovation they took, occurred long before Mao and was not due to his reign of terror. As a matter of fact, during his tenure, China claimed to have otherworldly corn and wheat yields. They also ‘proved’ the efficacy of traditional Chinese meds and cesarean section births with no anesthetic- all of which proved to be lies.

But lets assume that Mao did foul up China, then we give them a free pass on innovation from 1949 on, but what of the time preceding that?

Did they invent
Jet engines
Steam engine
Cotton gin
Peanut butter

Of course not

Once again, panda huggers will say that during this period, the Chinese were hindered by the lack of a central government or under the rule of barbarian invaders, ie non Han Chinese.

This is an odd argument considering that many Chinese actually left China at this time and got to see real humans in action. It is thus conceivable that they could have used either their own intelligence to learn, and then create, but they did not. Alternatively, they could have stolen ideas and copied them, but were too lazy to expend the requisite energy in order to accomplish this.

Hard core China lovers then scour history books and point to a time in the distant past and cry, ‘see, it says right here! The Chinese used to be the apex of civilization!’ And point to a quote by some some Italian tourist who is the modern day equivalent of a merchant marine and just as scholarly, and say his words prove China’s greatness.

Pardon my cynicism, but if your last great innovation occurred at a time men wore animal skin for clothes and dodged the enormous tusks of mastodons, then I am hard pressed to consider you and yours as innovators. If proof of your greatness stems from some cave etchings and stones shaped like a spittoon, then I have to ask,’what have you done for me lately?’

Sadly enough the answer for China is a 2000 year hiatus on creating anything more then despotic one-party rule and maniacal forms of punishment all wrapped up in the leaves of cannibalism, infanticide and oppression.
China’s value add to the world
From the Civil Servant’s Handbook
‘Beibei, Chinese culture has little to say about good and evil. It’s all about success and failure. If you succeed, that’s good. If you fail, that’s evil.’

Picture of Chinese ‘consumers’ sleeping at an Ikea store.


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