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Chinese Communists Now Calling Each Other ‘Comrade’

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 4, 2013

The term ‘comrade’ fell out of favor as China realized the implications of the term. By using it, they were indicting themselves as old school and backwards communists who were at war with the world not so long ago. The term was apish and implied a maniacal subservience to fascist dictators.

While they still used the term in private, they used ‘boss’ or ‘ colleague’ instead of comrade for the past decade or more. But now…..

We see that Chinese logic prevails. China is seeking to clean hose and get rid of corruption. Rather than enforcing laws they have and embracing transparency, they have a truly ‘Chinese ‘ solution.

In a truly wtf moment, the king chicoms will now once again call themselves ‘comrade’ rather than boss or leader. Double wtf wtf?

Yes, read the excerpt below. The quote is that in order to preserve the morals of the party, they must call each other comrade. I must say that the brilliance of this move escapes me. Perhaps its my capitalist. Western upbringing, but it seems to me that a name change, absent ‘guilty’ , will do nothing to stop the Chinese greed train.

Correct me if I am wrong, but is this beyond asinine


The Communist Party of China has introduced a new regulation that encourages its members to address each other as “comrade” instead of “boss” as part of a measure to promote party ethics, and senior officials also said they did not mind being addressed by some interesting nicknames, which would add a more human touch and help build a better image among the public.



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