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China Crowns Wang Fuug as Miss Manners! – Video

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 5, 2013

China has a long history which according to them is glorious. As far as I can tell, the only thing that this country has succeeded in doing is pissing off the world and making us all miss Mao.

This ‘Chinese beauty’ exemplifies all the good of China. She is using a kleenex ‘with Chinese characteristics’….

Video brought to you by another celebrated China watcher in the comments section…

I bet that pot of gold she is fishing out will end up on a one RMB note or the bus handrail.

4 Responses to “China Crowns Wang Fuug as Miss Manners! – Video”

  1. Anonymous said

    great..i was about to eat my breakfast and now i have lost my appetite…

    foolish as i was i have mingled with a chinese girl before. in china. she used to do a spitting charade and “death rattle” every morning (yeah the pollution in china finds its way out…painfully) and never used a handkerchief when she sneezed. she worked as a “marketing manager” for apple china and she loved high-heels and iphones and lies etc. and calling me “stupid fucking dirty foreigner”.

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