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China’s Atomic Debt Bomb

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 5, 2013

Good post here from Anon. He addresses China’s Chernobyl moment, aka super freaking bad debt problem. The thing is that whenever China bitches about America in some way, they are hiding behind their own problems.

When we had our Gulf spill, they broadcast it 24×7. The reason, at that time they had a massive spill of their own and didn’t want the yokels to know.

Now they are carping about our debt, when in reality, they are sitting on a time bomb. Why do you think all the commies are coming to civilized countries? This place is going to go barbarian crazy when their banks fail. In addition, why do you think they are messing with other countries, and trying to break bad? When the feces hits the oscillator, they may need to create a war to divert attention from their own problems.

The truth is that this place is getting worse and one day it will all come tumbling down…

Comment from Anon, to some clueless guy
” is there anyone who can enlighten our little friend from china? cctv and xinhua reader as he is? i am too busy little boy.

to make it short: china is bankrupt. your comrades are just buying time to get their concubines and kin out to civilized countries and to steal as much as they can to buy villas and vaginas. they will leave people like you to eat human flesh once again and kill each other in an enourmous chaos which will happen soon in your little china. just wait. don’t defend them. they don’t care about you or your family’s life. your fault. not ours.

some links (i am really busy ;-))




the paper money (us dollar) you hold is nothing more than monopoly money. printed paper. your comrades know that already. but you are too little to know. you 50-cent ccposter 😀 “

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