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China’s Peaceful Rise- Hardly Peaceful

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 6, 2013

Here is an interesting comment about China’s ‘peaceful’ rise. (Below I add my two pennies) From the comments
“china invaded china: 70 million dead/eaten/shot. china invaded tibet: china do not belong there. not their culture and land. china has no right to occupy a superior culture.

china invaded vietnam: china lost. china: 50.000 dead. vietnam 10.000 dead.

china invaded india several times: china lost.

china invaded xinjiang: china do not belong there. china has no right to occupy a superior culture.

china invaded spratly Islands in 1988: vietnam won. china won 6 reefs (lol)

china invaded paracel Islands: vietnam has the right to it. because vietnam has value. you don’t.

1949 to now: china invades chinese and humanity: millions of children and women died. china is still waging this war to be victorious. to use more humans and women to ensure ccp’s party rule for centuries to come: prospect: negative. the resistance is growing. see the latest bombings. more to come. and HK is not china. no civilized country want to have anything to do with you dirty apes from the north and your shit culture”

Actually, China has had only 500 years of peace in the last 2500 years. The word peace and China are mortal enemies. Historically They have been to busy slaughtering each other to look outside their big fence.

Sadly enough, the trend continues today. China spends more money on internal security than they do on external threats. In other words, they fear themselves more than they fear us. Aside from regular military personnel, they have 2million people censoring the net.

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