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Explosion at Communist Party Office in Shanxi, China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 6, 2013

There was just an explosion at the communist party headquarters in Taiyuan. Onlookers said they heard seven pops or blasts. The news are reporting that home made bombs were found and built like claymore mines. They had circuits to set off the blast and steel bearings were the lethal projectiles. Others claim that the explosions were from car bombs like the one in Beijing.

Last week we had a terror attack in Beijing and the latest news makes it look like Chinese are getting uneasy. Common knowledge says that a country with a gini of over .4 is at serious risk for upheaval and China is well beyond that point.

Most people do not realize how dangerous China has become because the news is heavily censored. Take, for nstamce, the fact that last year two Americans were killed in broad daylight. A little bit later three more foreigners were killed. Sadly enough, all of the murders were committed in broad daylight. Aside from this, there are many murders that we never hear of and the people are merely considered ‘missing’. I have read some horror stories about what has happened to many people here and its appalling.

The explosions show a growing discontent that many have with the inequalities in China today.

6 Responses to “Explosion at Communist Party Office in Shanxi, China”

  1. quoter said




    “It was a targeted attack on the Communist mafia. This should not be considered terrorism. The guy should be considered a national hero,” wrote an activist, calling himself Jian Alan Huang, on a microblog site.


  2. Z said

    Do not believe this racist lies!

    Go home foreign devils!

    • quoter said

      terrorist attack in taiyuan and beijing. thank you to all those real brave chinese to let us know. the more bombs – the more hope for china. and HK will be an independend country. just like tibet and xinjiang. we don’t want dirty chinese dogs like you.

  3. Läs mer det :

    [ … ] Jag nu inte säker där du få din info , dock good . topic [ … ]

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