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Can You Spot the Dictator?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 7, 2013

7 Responses to “Can You Spot the Dictator?”

  1. sicilia. said

    we see 3 bloody dictators. the most stupid one is on the left. the most smartest-evil one on the right. the most bloody and primitive one in the middle.

  2. Z said

    Chinese leaders make money. Amerikkka makes debt. Where is Obunghole the US monkey man?

    • sicilia. said

      again: the world is not just chinkkka and amerikaaa. you don’t get it. also again: china is bankrupt. worse than any other country. this means blood and cannibalism once again for you. your chinese leaders steal, fuck poor girls, murder, and take their inferior subhuman kin to civilized countries. this is a fact. now, continue to defend them you poor chinese idiot.

      • Change is coming. They are foing to turn this place into a giant north korea. First they will finish kicking out the foreigners, lest the Russians, Libyans and Iraqi’s, then they will commence to killing each other again.

    • Chinese leaders steal and slaughter.

    • China makes pollution, everything else, they steal.

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