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Sabotaged Sperm, Why Chinese Wives Favor Foreign Lovers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 7, 2013

Chinese men have benefitted from millennia of protection, they have not had to compete with real humans for wives. China was closed to the rest of the world so the women had two choices, bang a round faced, hobbit with teeth the color of carmel corn, or munch carpet. Admittedly China’s Han women are pretty skank in their own right, but lets leave that to the side for the moment. The fact is that Chinese men have not been forced to deal with Darwinism and were allowed to reproduce just because they were the only game in town. After all, the Chinese women couldn’t boink their English teacher back then, so they just closed their eyes and waited a few seconds until the action was over. In such an environment, the men scored cooze even though they looked like this.

Now China has opened up and the men are screwed. A new breed of hombre is in town and the women are crazy happy. What the women now realize is that normal men do not have the chest cavity of a swallow and that a punch to the kidneys and a smack to the chops is not really foreplay, a thing their hubby’s have been doing for ages.

Yes folks your typical Chinaman is not the picture of sex appeal.

But back to the women. Being Chinese, these ‘ladies’ as as loyal as cooko birds and are now trawling in foreign waters. Just ask any guy whose worked here, I’m looking at you English teachers, and they will tell you wild tales of Chinese mothers on the prowl. All the time little fuknuts is hitting the books, his mom is getting her knees pinned to her ears for a little ‘special time’ with her english tutor. Hell, a lot of those guys are laying pipe while on the clock and companies like….oh but I wont say who.. Are paying for their female employees to be drilled like Texas soil. I am being totally honest here.

And things get worse for Chinese men as its now been reported that pollution is deforming their sperm. What this means is that for the 60% of Chinese guys who still sport wood, their zygots are as useless as their government.

Pollution has lead to Chinese guys having a high level of erectile disfunction as well as toxic sperm. I guess it just goes to show that even mother nature hates these people.


The fifty shades of gray hovering above China’s cities could be sapping the country’s men of their virility.

That’s the message from one Chinese newspaper website citing findings from a sperm bank in Shanghai that monitored samples over a decade and found two-thirds were “affected” to various degrees by environmental factors.

Potentially a source of couples’ bedroom disputes, the report is one of two this week feeding a frenzy of speculation on the Chinese Internet about how the country’s notorious pollution impacts reproductive health. Sperm can grow to be “ugly” and “not able to swim,” the head of the sperm bank, Li Zheng, told the Shanghai Morning Post (in Chinese), a newspaper owned by the military-run Liberation Daily.



9 Responses to “Sabotaged Sperm, Why Chinese Wives Favor Foreign Lovers”

  1. sicilia. said

    oh man, good post. a really good and true post, american brother. greetings from europe. i support you.

  2. … Webbplatser du bör besöka

    [ … ] Excellent blog här ! Också din plats så mycket up snabbt ! [ … ]

  3. LM said

    “and companies like….oh but I wont say who.. Are paying for their female employees to be drilled like Texas soil. I am being totally honest here.”

    yes. in china female employees are prostitutes. they have to fuck with customers + their boss. all those female “managers” you see in china are basically prostitutes. and they do it and afterwards they eat noodles like it is the most natural thing in the world. where is ethics and morale in china? where was god when he created china?

    not all do that but a hell of a lot. i have seen it myself. i feel so sorry for those women. china is so terrible and so disgusting. it’s like a living nightmare on earth. a hell on earth.

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