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China’s Newest Sport- Bowling for Humans!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 9, 2013

China has assloads of people, 99.99 % of which add no value and considered spares. Added to this, they have the humanity of vultures.

In keeping with time honored tradition of exterminating each other, they have created a new sport-bowling for humans.

As you can see, the sport has a lot of promise. But how do you play?

Well, first you line up a ‘human bowling pin”

And then arm a bunch ‘bowling balls’ aka savages with sharp objects

Or better yet, get a bunch of people lined up

And unleash the savages

Or better yet, to get a higher score, just line up a bunch of these

And really do some damage

And lest you worry about too many getting hurt, just remember, if China has nothing else, they have people to spare.

One Response to “China’s Newest Sport- Bowling for Humans!”

  1. In China said

    Epic post!

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