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Proof Chinese Cannot Innovate

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 9, 2013

China has a long incestuous history which has culled out the innovation gene in order to garner extra helpings of the ‘spitting, stupidity and copying gene’.

As a matter of fact, the Chinese are so bereft of innovation and creativity that even mimic one another when taking photos.

I mean, come on Chinese, can you come up with something original?

4 Responses to “Proof Chinese Cannot Innovate”

  1. zhongguoyi said

    china invent the every thing all invent by chinese ! first. look china invent so much in last 30 years . we are modern have car air carier , modern house , computer , rocket go to moon an all other thing ! china all do alone and faster then you stupid foreigners ! you need the 100 year to make things an d car! smart china need 5- 10 year!!! hahaha! stupid foreigner you copy all from us , china is best invent all because long cultuire and best in 7000 years old culture and best !

  2. zhongguoyi said

    stupid foreigners also china most patent in world !!!! you this know?haha you can see chinese race and china innovate leader in all world and the handsome race and strongger ! stupid foreigner you lose . jealoussy to china . you learn the engliish you not speak god . learn from chinese we know all and leader culture !

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