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Barbarians at The Gate , Chinese Terror Tourists

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 11, 2013

Chinese tourists aka mobile weapons of mass misery, are flooding the shores of civilized countries. In their wake are rivers of phlegm, debris and misery. The following excerpt talks about how some Chinese terror tourists tried to beat up on real humans.


Four Chinese women came to blows with a couple of foreign nationals over luggage space on a flight in southwest China’s Yunnan province on Nov. 4. The fight was broken up by the cabin crew and the four women were made to fork out over 300 yuan (US$50) in compensation, reports the state-run news agency Xinhua.

The incident occurred on a plane due to take off from the scenic area of Xishuangbanna bound for the provincial capital Kunming. The women and the couple had apparently had a prior confrontation on the tour bus earlier, when the couple had returned late for boarding. The ensuing argument ended with intervention from other members of the tour group.

When a dispute later broke out on the plane over the issue of luggage space, one of the group of women threw water onto the wife, who retaliated with a lunge. The local woman’s three other friends joined in the melee and proceeded to pull the husband’s hair. The cabin crew separated the two parties and told them to take their dispute outside.



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