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Stats Show Chinese Workers Twice as Lazy as Others

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 11, 2013

Sats show what anyone who has worked in China already knows, Chinese are lazy. Unless one considers sending instant messages, eating and or fighting to remain conscious working, then the Chinese do not work.

The study below explains this as it states that Chinese are twice as likely to not be ‘actively engaged’ in work. In other words, they do as little as possible. The upside is shown on article two.
It says that Chinese students and professionals have an abysmally low sperm count. Aside from the obvious benefit that it means they will not reproduce more lazy workers, it probes my friend’s thesis that the Chinese ‘pure’ race is at risk for extinction.

A few days ago I blogged about how the pollution is ruining Chinese sperm and that the men here are shooting blanks. In addition, most of them over 40 cannot get it up anyway. What I said was that due to incestuous behaviors and inbreeding Chinese men were protected from competition and most of their genes should have died off long ago.

Their genes did not die off because Chinese women had no choice but to bang these guys and the poor genes reproduced. Now that Chinese women have more of a choice, aka English teachers, they are eschewing Chinese men. This process of ‘thinning the herd is natural and should have occurred a long time ago.

Article1- Chinese are lazy

Only 6% of people in China’s workforce are fully engaged in their jobs, less than half the average of 13% in other countries, according to a Gallup poll which surveyed 142 countries and regions between 2011 and 2012.

The company asked employees to answer 12 questions including whether they learned new things on the job, whether their efforts were recognized and whether they made friends in the workplace. The employees were divided into three categories: “actively disengaged, “not engaged” and “engaged.” The report suggests engaged employees will bring benefits and innovation to their companies but their efforts could be sabotaged by those that are actively disengaged.

On average, 63% of employees surveyed were “not engaged” in their jobs while the remaining 24% were “actively disengaged.” The level of engagement varied significantly according to region, and China and Hong Kong had the lowest level of motivated employees at 6%. The report suggests the figure dragged down the overall engagement level in East Asia.


Article 2 – Chinese Men are shooting blanks

Less than 20% of sperm donors among salaried workers in eastern China’s Jiangsu province are capable of producing semen of a high enough standard, according to a recent survey.

According to the local Chinese-language Modern Express, 90% of sperm donors at People’s Hospital in Jiangsu were students in 2012, while only 10% were people in employment. Over 30% of the students donated quality sperm, compared with under 20% among people in the workforce.



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