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Red Romeo and Jilted Juliet, China’s New Take on a Classic

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 13, 2013

The WSJ did an article on ‘Romeo and Juliet’ China style. The communists have teamed up with some Koreans to remake the play but set it during the cultural revolution. This is a splendid idea, just take a look at the romance of that era

Looks pretty poetic, eh?

The following are funny comments from the WSJ about the play.

  • 11:56 am November 7, 2013
  • Splendid, Red Love! wrote:

Great idea! Lets see how Romeo and Juliet would play out in the cultural revolution.

Juliet, the woman has educated parents and is thus reviled by the thugs Mao has called Red Guards. Juliet has forgottten her little red book and refused to participate in the beating of her high school teachers. She is condemned as a capitalist roader and then taken to be summarily executed.

While kneeling in the fields by Muxidi in Beijing, her Romeo happens along. She remembers him as a boy who loved her for years. He is the son of a oig farmer and has turned his mother and father over to the local red guard faction to be beaten and incarcerated. Slung over his shoulder is an old Chinese rifle with a few bullets. His task is to walk along the line of ‘bad eggs’ kneeling before him and pull the trigger.

He spies Juliet and a moment of recognition flashes between them. Hope overcomes her as she smiles at him hoping for a reprieve.


Romeo blows smoke from the barrel of his weapon and jots down her name so he can charge her family for the metal jacketed slug he had just put in her.

This is the true cultural revolution. There was no love, there was no mirth. There was only pain, suffering and murder.

  • 9:19 pm November 7, 2013
  • Blood Red wrote:

I cannot wait to buy tickets! Do tou think they will honor the true spirit of the cultural recolution by killing people in the name of Mao? Will the audience be forced to bring their little red books or be burned at the stake, just like back in the good old days?

Oh how I miss the blood red days of the great chairman!

One Response to “Red Romeo and Jilted Juliet, China’s New Take on a Classic”

  1. Z said

    China cant have love story?

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