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Chinese Are Dirty

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 15, 2013

Great rant here about filthy Chinese habits.


Dirty, dirty, dirty

The Chinese are very superficial – they care mostly about how things (and they) appear to the rest of the world instead of what the quality of that thing or themselves is really like on the inside. Your face and clothes, and the person you seem to be, are the most important; your character and what you actually are inside comes a distant second. Thus they have become masters at advertising, but producers of low quality products, products that are even poisonous with their unsafe levels of lead content. You can go into a supermarket in China and buy a Chinese product wrapped in the most wonderful packaging, but the thing inside tastes like crap. If you buy the same kind of product manufactured in a foreign country, it may not be as attractively packaged, but the odds are that it will taste a lot better.

And so it is, when you step off the plane and into the airport, you should find yourself in a clean surrounding. But once you get outside onto the street, it’s a whole different story. The first negative thing I noticed about China was how unbelievably dirty it and some Chinese people are. Now, not all Chinese people are dirty beyond belief but so many of them are that at the worst times, it can seem so.

By far, the most noticeable dirty habit of many Chinese people is spitting. Chinese men especially have a disgusting habit of making loud hawking sounds and spitting the contents of their actions on the road. While it is mostly men, I remember lots of times when I looked at what seemed to be an attractive woman, then was completely turned off when I saw her eject a white ball of spit from her mouth onto the sidewalk or road as casually as if she were a bird ejecting shit from her bottom. In the winter, it is even worse because everyone gets the common cold and then the spit usually has yellow or green mucus in it. When I am walking to the bus stop on a morning in winter, I wonder if it would be less disgusting if I didn’t look down and didn’t care where I stepped, but then I think it’s less disgusting to look down and see the spit so I wouldn’t step in it. And to make matters worse, in winter, the spit freezes and stays there for months.

So maybe some may think spitting on the road isn’t so bad, even though it’s literally every 5 seconds that someone is hawking. But get this: many Chinese people even spit on the bus, and onto the floors of restaurants and public toilets. One day, I got really angry. I was eating in a restaurant and a Chinese man sitting some ways from me hawks and spits; the spit lands less than a foot away from where I am so I turn around and ask him if he is nuts. He stares at me like if I’m a madman, then gets up and leaves the restaurant. Spitting on the floor in restaurants is not unusual; in fact, it is common and no-one takes the slightest notice when it happens.

Restaurants happen to be some of the dirtiest of places in China. In the West, we can be very particular about what goes into our bodies and how it is prepared. But in China, cleanliness and hygiene, like common sense, aren’t all that common.

I have often thought I should start a curio cabinet filled with all the strange things I and my friends have found in our food. The cabinet would quickly fill with the weirdest assortment of both organic and non-organic matter: everything from human hair and fingernails, to things of animal origin like bugs and a spiky caterpillar, to stones. But that is a project still in the making. One of the reasons is that I’ve been occupied with many things in China; another reason is that there simply is no recourse when you do find strange things in your food. This is the dirty way it is and probably has always been so it is simply accepted and ignored. Once my wife, who is Chinese, and I went into a restaurant and ordered noodle soup. She started eating it and discovered a bug in the soup. If this was a Western country, there could have been lawsuits costing the restaurant millions of dollars. But in China, well as my wife asked me, “What can I do?” Besides get a new bowl of soup which I refused to touch.



6 Responses to “Chinese Are Dirty”

  1. Reyno said

    i know that site. that guy talks out of experience and is honest. he was married to a chinese “woman” and everything he says is so typical for china. and true. millions of others could say the same. It’s just how china is. and just how chinese are. that’s it. good bye fake china. chinese and china: you are not china. you are a fake. the world knows you now. build many bunkers fake chinese (low quality; you are not able to do it yourself; please steal tech from the germans or russians or japanese). you’ll need them. soon. 😉

  2. quoter said


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