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Terrorist Meets Cuban Dissident, Love Made in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 16, 2013

China supports the world’s biggest despots which means people from their countries are floating aroudn this place. ‘Say hello to Ahmed, he’s from Iran,’ or “hey here is your new colleague, Mustafa he hails from Syria and will be sitting by Kwamptu from Sudan”

All the while you are like, wtf? Syria? Didnt they just bomb us or something? Iran, didnt they just try to nuke us? And all the while the Chinese smile and consider them to be just more foreigners in China.

Hey note to the prc, no, terrorists are not just like us, and yes they are like the communist party. But of course thats why they are in China, anyway. Sharing the morals of an ebola strain, you go together like venerial disease and Mao.

In any event, I am watching some dating show on the chicom channel and the guy contestant is from Iran and the woman from Cuba. I guess China is now the mating agency for the world of terror.

3 Responses to “Terrorist Meets Cuban Dissident, Love Made in China”

  1. Z said

    Israel is terrorist, but you support them?

  2. In China said

    Where else but communist China do you find North Koreans roaming freely?

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