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Heartless China Witholds Humanitarian Aid for Philippines

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 17, 2013

This article exposes why we need another Mao, a man who shut the Chinese off from civilized countries. In his time, the only damage the Chinese did was to each other and had no effect on his. Now that these people have been let off their leashes they bring nothing but trash, phlegm and ear drum splitting aural pollution with them.

In this article, the Chinese are refusing humanitarian aid to the Philippines due to some disagreement. Great job China, let poor Filipino kids die due to the ravages of a typhoon as you dock a ship meant to deliver just this kind of aid.

In addition the Chinese boat is called the ‘peace ark’, which is hilarious. ‘Peace’ in China means exterminating one child and not two. The word Ark has Biblical connotations, which is a farce in the land of Mamon.


(Reuters) – While the navies of the United States and its allies rushed to the aid of the typhoon-hit Philippines, a state-of-the-art Chinese hospital ship has stayed at home and in doing so has become a symbol of China’s tepid response to the crisis.

The decision not to deploy the 14,000-tonne “Peace Ark”, one of the newest and biggest hospital ships in the world, is one that contrasts with a recent charm offensive across Southeast Asia by China as it seeks to bolster ties and ease tension over the disputed SouthChina Sea.

Even China’s usually hawkish Global Times, a tabloid owned by the People’s Daily state mouthpiece, on Friday called for the Ark to sail to the Philippines, where an international naval flotilla, headed by a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group, is delivering food, water and medicine.

Initially, China pledged $100,000 in aid to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan roared across central islands a week ago, and a further $100,000 through the Chinese Red Cross – figures dwarfed by multi-million dollar donations from countries and corporations around the world.


One Response to “Heartless China Witholds Humanitarian Aid for Philippines”

  1. Z said

    Why China need help monkey people?
    Leave China, you dogs!

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