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China is Burning, Death in Xinjiang

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 18, 2013

Bombings and riots are a common occurrence in China now. Over the past few weeks we have had several of them and many were very high profile. A car bomb was detonated by Mao’s pugly mug, and seven more set off in Shaanxi.

Today the communists murdered nine Xinjiang’ese in the latest look at just how pissed off the Chinese are. The issue is that only a few communists are getting rich and the rest of China feasts on rat meat. Those munching on rodents are like wtf?

‘Why are those dorky little Han tricks pushing us around? They are the same cowards who ran fro the Japanese not once but twice in the recent past. Why should we follow them?’

Indeed, they are no longer following. They have taken to the streets, pushing back for their forty acres and a mule. Things are getting crazy, Beijing is filled with plain clothed cops strolling along Tiananman , and are checking ID’s in the subways. china is now a police state.

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