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China’s Warring Past, a History of Barbarism

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 19, 2013

The Chinese like to peal on about harmony, a thing they know little of.

No I am not talking about that little non event

But something that did happen, albeit long ago.

In the 250 year span from 772-481 BC China was home to 483 wars….wtf?

Yeah, during 250 years, on the average China had a war every 6 months!

Those warring genes have not been diluted, but merely pussified. Inbreading has left them with abnormalities such as near sightedness, low birth weight and low levels of testosterone, but they still have that ‘hate gene’ , which their ancestors fomented.

Before you criticize this post as racist, the war facts come from Steven Mosher and the ‘facts’ about Chinese inbreading by some Chinese who spoke to me about this. They were part of a group from China’s northeast who claim that brining new blood, ie western women, would provide the link for Chinese vitality. They claim that they are a physiological disadvantage to the west and need to upgrade their gene pool.

It looks as if the world needs a China sized cage…

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