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Chinese Day Care

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 19, 2013

Here is a shot of what the Chinese call relaxing and what the rest of the world calls ‘dumbassed users who have no class, wtf is this tight assed she communist using an Ikea playpen instead of just buying one like the rest of us?’

The Chinese have no idea of boundaries and treat all public goods like their own.

Perhaps this explains why they use sidewalks, subways and parks as port-a-potties.

2 Responses to “Chinese Day Care”

  1. LM said

    they are not only having their family reunions, dinners and rests at ikea – leaving the sample furniture so filthy that ikea personell has to change it every week (i.e. in shanghai) and preventing any interested customer to buy and try the ikea stuff….no….they walk around with their chinese “carpenter” who is making pictures, sketches and drawings of the newest ikea designs. for one reason only: to copy the design and rebuild it with cheap materials; to bring some “western style” into their homes. they buy nothing.

    i wonder how much loss the swedes make in china every year, cuz noone is actually buying their stuff. the han are just copying and using it.

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