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Spain Issues Arrest Order for China’s Ex-Leader

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 19, 2013

Interesting story about Spain going after some Chinese thugocrats for crimes against the people of Tibet.

Felcidades Espana!

Spain Issues Arrest Order for China’s Ex-Leader


3 Responses to “Spain Issues Arrest Order for China’s Ex-Leader”

  1. LM said

    Well done Spain. At least one country in Europe who has nuts. It says a lot about Spain’s strong democratic system and independent jurisdiction. Even so this arrest order is more symbolic than practical. But if Interpol passes it..it will become a very serious issue for those CCP criminals. I think Spain, did an important step (even so it’s a symbolic one) to defend the rights of the Tibetian people who are suffering from Han occupation and chinese genocide since more than 60 years.

    We all know in that those orders are also a pretext for further sanctions. The chinese are destroying the economy in Spain by flooding Spain with their cheap china-made products. just take a look at thousands of chinese shops at Spain’s south coast. You will find only Han’s working there. No Spaniards. It will come of no surprise when the chinese pest will be kicked out shortly after this court order. And Spaniards have a great patience and tolerance, but when it runs out…they can get very emotional. And rightly so. Arriba Espana!

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