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View From the Sky, Flying in China and ‘Beaver Shots’

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 19, 2013

So I’m on a flight across China and have to take a leak. My mind numb from the aural onslaught and locals cackling in the isles. It’s one of those thirty milligrams of diazepam days, but I’m straight as an arrow.

Casting aside the locals, I make my way to the john and give the door a hefty shove,


There scrunched up on the toilet seat is an ancient Chinese woman somewhere between 35 and hideous, with her legs akimbo. She’s straining like a pack mule, veins popping out of her porcine neck, trying to clear out her last meal. Old lady pants jumbled about her swollen ankles.

She looks at me like I’m evil, her short and curly’s jutting out like Washington Pine.

I recoil in disgust, slam shut the door then quickly walk away before the local cops pull me in as a peeping tom.

On the way to my seat, I shake my head and wonder what the Chinese have against locking the bathroom doors on airplanes.

2 Responses to “View From the Sky, Flying in China and ‘Beaver Shots’”

  1. LM said

    seen that thousands of times in han-land. if it’s a little child…ok…it’s a child, it doesn’t know better (cuz its parents are probably chinese…), but a grown up who is unable to close a stupid door of an airplane he is either:

    – too stupid to handle that simple mechanism on those doors
    – an ape
    – a chinese

    in the civilized world even 4-years old kids know how to behave in certain circumstances (1. rule: close the door behind you or go somewhere else; golden word: education). an ordinary chinese “grown up” is not as developed as a 4-years old human kid.

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