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Communist China’s Lenovo

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 20, 2013

Communist China has a lot of companies, most of which are pretty worthless. While the communists are crazy proud of their country, they often hide that fact when dealing with real humans. For instance, at your university or job, Chinese are often loathe to admit they come from China. Interestingly enough, when here they are the biggest proponents of the ‘motherland’ and ‘Mao’.

On their own turf they are fiercely nationalistic and decry the ugliness of capitalism, all the while filling out the proper forms for their US visa. Chinese companies, are the same too.

Take Lenovo, for example. It is a communist China company, but says it is not. According to a US rep for the company, aka American sellout Jay Parker, Lenovo is a ‘world company’. I am sure that all 35,000 of his Chinese love that moniker, but wonder what its 2,000 US employees think.

Yes thats correct, in what can only be called a ‘Chinese truth’, the communists would have us believe that even though the only Americans they have on the payroll are some spin doctors who try and convince us that they are not Chinese, as well as some token ThinkPad workers that are too talented to be replaced by commie thugs.

Communist China, communist Lenovo, call a spade a spade.

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