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Banging the Boss, Female Employees in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 22, 2013

In its history, China has had one, count ’em one, successful sexual harassment lawsuit up until 2010 or so. That suit was filed by some slacker, aka typical Chinese worker against her Japanese boss. His crime- putting his arms around her….

Yeah, how funny is that. Putting your arms around a female employee is a crime in China, oh please. In this country it’s a crime not to make sexual advances on your staff, its practically un-emperor-like. As a matter of fact, the women here expect/ take advantage of such things. Don’t get me wrong , I think sexual predation is abhorrent, but that is predation. In this country there is almost an unwritten rule that sex is part of the job, how else would Chinese men get cooze?

This type of thing happens all the time, a little bit ago a friend who works for the comm’s was date raped by her boss, she texted me crying. Then last night another was being hit on by her boss, at an SOE. I asked point blank if they’d banged, she denied it meaning it was true. Rather than playing the save the face game, i just said, wow , its rough he hit on you.

But you could tell she had that hint of shame/remorse for what she had done. Usually i’d be nice and say kind words, but this is China. My patience wears thin when women screw a guy for a day off for a better job. If your gonna play with the pigs, your gonna get dirty and Chinese bosses have curly tails.

The point of all this is that control is key to most everything in China, the commies use it with everything from religion to childbirth. Likewise, bosses use it on employees who know the game. The women use it against bosses, after all, they don’t want to work, and then the women try to use it with us. The issue is that China has 30 million too many men, and so women have an over inflated sense of self, how else do you explain some orange tanged prune nippled Chinese woman with an off center nose and teeth the color and consistency of your last bowel movement, believing she is attractive?

Its basic market economics. Because she is a she and the market has so many he’s, she is at a premium. Thus means that irrespective of the color of her nap, maw and skin, she can still get a man, a Chinese man at least.

There is no conclusion to this rant, its basically an ADD summary of what to expect when you come to hell-China.

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