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China Lost its Soul Says Kelly Zhong

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 23, 2013

This excerpt is spot on

China has lost its soul in the frantic chase for wealth, the daughter of its second-richest man has declared. Kelly Zong, the only child and heir apparent of Zong Qinghou – whose assets are estimated by Forbes at £6.9bn – also said the country’s first generation of tycoons had over-indulged their children, who lacked character.

Though her family have ridden China’s economic tide to immense wealth, Zong, 31, said development had come at a cost. “I think we lost our soul. In the US, they have beliefs: Christianity, Catholicism. China has Buddhism but I don’t think people really believe it in their heart.”


5 Responses to “China Lost its Soul Says Kelly Zhong”

  1. LM said

    this was your worst post ever wtde. quoting a prostitute with an IQ of 10 who’s whole meaning in life consists of shopping, fucking and shitting. usa a catholic country *lol*. usa the only country in the world *lol*. how low. no further comments needed. *vommit*

  2. LM said

    china has buddhism? WHAT? WHERE? *lol and mega vommit*. what’s next: china is a civilized country? Disgusting chink whore doing what she does best: shitting. shoot that monkey.

  3. LM said

    Kelly? what? WHAT? KELLY? oh yeah it’s a chinese name. makes her look mor modern and “western”. fucking useless bloody whore. never ever quote such a primitive animal in here.

    • In China said

      In the past the Chinese kow towed to Japanese rulers by wearing piny tails and shaved heads. Nowadays they take ‘human names’ instead of Mandarin stick figures.

  4. LM said

    china “lost its soul”?? WHEN did china EVER have a soul? IT NEVER HAD ONE. chinese whore, you will die soon.

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