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Fake Soldiers Real War-China versus Japan

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 24, 2013

The Chinese economy is plunging like a KTV cooze on Friday night. Car bombers are lighting up this place like a Pakistani open air market.

People are pissed because not only do they not control their destiny and have as many kids as they choose, but now jobs are as scarce as honesty. Related to that are astronomical house prices for substandard dwellings.

Aside from all that mess, the Chinese are ruled by a despotic regime and no one gets a say in elections, nor the making of and subsequent non enforcement of laws. So what do the chicoms do when facing such problems? They strike a chord of the nationalist sort and look for evil foreigners to blame and or attack.

Due to their abundance of ‘puss gene’ they dare not trifle with the USA, so they are messing with Japan. In a clear case of Chinese ‘logic’, they figure it is a safe bet. Never mind the fact that the last time the Japanese consider death in battle as honorable as Chinese consider swindling someone. ‘Honor’ in the Japanese sense is victory or death and in the Chinese sense means ‘self preservation at all costs’. Proof of this fact was seen in Nanjing , not so long ago.

As the Japanese rolled into China, the Chinese gave up. ‘So what if they rape a few of our women,’ they thought. ‘At least I am safe’.

Hardly the attitude of winners, the Japanese poned this joint and is itching roe their return. The chicoms, whose mettle was tested while brutalizing their parents and teachers, assume that everyone is as cowardly as they are. Once again, they are about to be proven wrong.

Armed with the finest mix of US and Japanese tech, the Nipponese are about to unleash a whole lot of misery on this place. On the bright side, however, the Chinese have a lot of stuff they ripped off the US, an old Russian tug called the Varyag and a bunch of fake military officers, wtf?

Yeah, the Chinese are now knocking off soldiers, read below. I wonder how these military exemplars will do when faced with real enemy combatants.


China‘s unbridled boomtown ethos has famously spawned a world of counterfeits. Fake Apple stores, fake pharmaceuticals and even fake meathas hit the headlines.

But in recent weeks, police have had their hands full with a more treacherous kind of sham – fake military officials.

The Beijing-based newspaper Guangming Daily reported on Friday that police in coastal Shandong province’s Cangshan County arrested 15 people posing as officers from the People’s Liberation army, the country’s military, on 5 November.

The so-called fake military officer gang, backed by counterfeit badges and “confidential documents,” had unsuccessfully attempted to convince local police that central military authorities had dispatched them to secure the release of prisoners.



One Response to “Fake Soldiers Real War-China versus Japan”

  1. In China said

    No need to fight the Chinese, just leave them alone and they will exterminate each other quite nicely.

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