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Mainland Chinese Locusts Buying Up US Property

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 25, 2013

Chinese are flush will ill begotten cash. They usually made money in ‘real estate’ aka stealing land from villagers and killing them when necessary. The chicoms,90% of whom are communist party members or their children, take that money and move to civilized countries. Not surprisingly, one of their favs is the land of milk and honey.

The game plan is to illegally stash cash overseas, after all, they can only legally send $50,000 per year out of the country. Which makes the fact that Chinese have $658 billion stashed in offshore accounts.

Aside from this, last year alone, those same resource sucking locusts bought $8billion worth of US homes. On a positive note, we now have more homicidal maniacs, ie ex Red Guards in our country, a thing we really really need, right?

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