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China’s Mandate From Heaven- Be Colonized by Civilized People

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 26, 2013

I am posting a comment by ‘Quoter’ below, but first my take on things. China is reputed to have a history of ‘high culture’ but in my years here, I have seen little to indicate they now or ever possessed such a thing. As a matter of fact, from what I gather by reading travelogs from up to 300 years ago, ‘civilized’ is not a term used for China.

Foreign visitors bemoaned stinky toilets hundreds of years ago and pointed to a lack of hygiene that still exists today. They also claim thad bathing was not a chore the Chinese embraced which is also true today. It does not help when people like Mao told the people of the 60-70s to bathe every two weeks, anything more was outright capitalist chicanery. Even today Chinese ‘doctors’ say that a bi-weekly bath is sufficient.

Steering away from Chinese stench, we can focus in other things like respect, civility and genuine humanness. Based on the fact that 2300 years ago emperors said that it was acceptable to eat one’s own children if the family was starving, we can rule out any level of humanity here.

But what about other aspects of culture?

Unless you consider drawing the same character over and over again and calling it art, a la calligraphy, then China has no high culture. In 5000 years they had one ‘thinker’ and his contribution to the world was advocating one party rule and deceit. He said that kids should eat their parents feces in order to see if the latter were sick- read the 24 paragons of filial piety and you will cringe.

So if China has 5000 years of history and nothing but pain and suffering to show for it, then where does this leave us?

We are left with the knowledge that by themselves, these people are more of a nuisance than anything else. To that end, they need to lose their ‘culture’ and join humanity. The form this should take is up for debate, but China as we know it is hopelessly broken.

From Quoter

in a catholic church in macao, chinese tourists were eating sunflower seeds and throwing their garbage onto the floor. some let their children urinate in the church and they drank the holy water. they were shouting into their phones while christians were praying, they were making pictures with their cameras of praying people and foreigners as well without asking them for permission or respecting their personal space (i.e. making photos 10 cm’s in front of them). showing no respect whatsoever.

in contrast, a japanese tourist group (the only east asians there) behaved very respectfully and calm even so they are (in general) no catholics.

the same things happen in those poor (and often fake) buddhist temples in mainland china. the tolerant buddhists (IF they are real buddhists….;-)) don’t expect you to know all of the etiquette which is required to enter a temple (remove hats and shoes, don’t point..etc), because not many non-buddhists know them. but: if a monk tells a tourist group this MINIMUM requirement: “please enter our temple with left foot and bow slightly and leave it with the right foot”…what do the chinese do? they do the exact opposite + let their savage kids jump over the buddhist temple etc.

Just like a church, a buddhist temple is a place of silence and prayer. but the chinese make a noisy dirty pig market of them. whereever they go. 99% of them. Not all.

the han and their tribe will learn a lession soon: Do not mess with superior people, cultures and countries (aka the whole world) and respect others if you want to receive respect + exercise self-reflection (learn what that word means first…copy it from the civilized countries…and if you think you’ve managed that as well: sorry, copying is not enough; it’s a societal process which you are not able to walk by yourself) and then you will see that you are the most miserable, weakiest, most primitive “culture” and most depraved people ever to walk on this planet.

i feel sorry for you cowards. one day you will become human beings. but first we need an UN mandate and occupy yout toilet to civilize your dirty land to bring it from the stone age to the 21th century. Nope, sorry: stolen tech, encarcereted foreign managers and empty skyscrapers and mega-brothels doesn’t make you a member of the civilized human race. You have really missunderstood a lot how things work in the civilized world.

But don’t worry, you are a member of Homininae (like chimpanzees and bonobos), but you don’t belong to the human race wich is the king of primates (genus Homo). You just need a hard hand and to taste hard cruel world facts and confrontation with the reality of this world, to learn where you stand and to obey the rules of civilization and eventually you will reach the highest step in the evolutionary ladder: human being.

That will take time and an U.N. Mandate and a direct military intervention to clean up your toilet called “china” and civilize it.

2 Responses to “China’s Mandate From Heaven- Be Colonized by Civilized People”

  1. LM said

    The USA has flown over that ridiculous chinese “non-fly-zone” (JAPANESE Senkaku Islands) with 2 unarmed B-52 bombers.


    I am not an American and I disagree with many things from the USA but I say: Great USA! Well done.
    Europe and all countries in South East Asia will follow!

    We say NO to the chinese criminal ridiculous and weak communist animals. Long live Japan and the free world. Long live the civilized world and humanity. NO to china. NO to a nuclear armed ape-state!

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