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Chinese Are Illogical

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 26, 2013

Chinese operate under a different reality from the rest of us. Theirs is a language of obfuscation and abstraction. Getting to the point and following logic are not strong suits of the Chinese race.

A work I needed something, lets call it a widget. So I ask a Chinese laborer, aka guy who woke just long enough to answer my question before falling asleep on the job again.

‘I need a widget for tomorrow?” Quoth I.

‘Yes’ saith the sloth.

Of course I thought that implicit in my question was the fact that I needed a functioning widget for the next day, after all, how many of use petition for a useless device?’ Chinese ‘logic’ being what it is, the intrepid chciom did not see eye to eye with me.

The next day comes and of course I had a widget and of course it did not work. When I asked the snoozing lump why this was the case, he said that I had not asked if the thing worked. I then asked if it was customary in China to inquire about things that are of no value and he just opened and closed his tangerine maw in some Mandar-mash.

I walked away, ever secure in the fact that these people can and will never rule the world.

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