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90% of Chinese Prefer Deception to Honesty- China Fact

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 27, 2013

The excerpt below is telling. Nine out of ten Chinese think that lying is more efficacious than telling the truth. Think of this as you look at your Chinese coworker or new neighbor…


According to a survey conducted by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences in 2011, 90.2% of participants believed that people who are honest and trustworthy place themselves at a disadvantage, reports the Beijing-based Economic Information Daily.

Meanwhile, recent surveys conducted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences showed that about 70% of those surveyed do not trust strangers.

Many games based on deception have also become popular in recent years, in which the ability to lie is an important key to success, while cheating in exams at universities, high schools and even primary schools is now commonplace across the country. In an extreme case in June this year, students at the Zhongxiang Third High School in central China’s Hubei province attacked their teachers who scuppered their attempts to cheat”



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