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China Warping Reality- Time for an Intervention

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 28, 2013

China Warping Reality- Time for an Intervention

China is need of an intervention, but the world is too cowardly to do this. As a result, the reality of what is going on in China is hidden and this place will never change. Absent an external actor forcing these people to take ownership for all that they have done, they will keep yanking fetuses from wombs, slaughtering minorities and stealing cash then moving and saying ‘hi neighbor!’ to people like you and me.

Confused, well let me explain.

First off in light of full disclosure, I will be talking about psychology and have never studied that discipline, but have enough dysfunctional friends, that I’ve earned a PhD in the sweet science of watching, listening and learning.

Still confused, good.

I will introduce a topic, explain it then put it into the Chinese context, for those of you keeping score at home.

Begin rant…

Every family has a member or members who are the ‘black sheep’. You know the guy, the pedo, perv, convict, druggie or drunk who warped the reality of you and your kin. He was the one who got so drunk that he crapped his pants after making a fool of himself at the last family outing which lead to a fistfight and some people winding up in the paper the next day.

The problem is that what we should do is to say , ‘hey uncle shit pants, why don’t you quit drinking? We think you have a problem and each time you get a buzz on, bad things happen. Take a look at yourself now. Is it normal for a guy to be sitting in his own feces at seven pm?’

This type of interaction would be positive and force uncle shit pants to own up to his problem and impact on the family. After all, no one wants a guy sitting around the house in shitty britches, but confronting him is so hard to do. What usually happens is that we warp our reality around uncle shit pants and consider his actions as normal. We enable this guy to keep messing himself and our lives; his problems are a part of our reality. The result is that ‘reality’ is no longer real as we accommodate uncle shit pants.

Picture a hanger in perfect balance, that is life without uncle poopy. Now picture placing a dirty sock on the hanger and you see the impact of uncle crapper. Life is no longer in balance but seriously out of whack.

In our homes this means that we rush to hide uncle shit pants when we have company and do our best to deny his ‘issues’ or call them what they are. Out of sheer humiliation and self preservation, we do our best to lie, deny and cover up all that he has done because if we don’t people will look at us and say, ‘hey , why is your uncle sitting there in shitty drawers?’

What do you say to something like this?

‘Ah, its not that bad, once or twice a month he is sober, so we kinda celebrate then…’

And your friend is thinking, ‘wow, you guys are really screwed, aren’t you?’

And in your head you would have to say ‘yeah, we are totally fuked.’

Instead of doing this, you lie. Uncle shitty pants just had a bad day, a run of bad luck, ‘hey he wasn’t peeking at cousin Louise in the shower, now run along and play with your friends.’

Each day the lies grow deeper and more intricate.

Now consider that China is uncle shitty pants.

For example, lets assume that you have to give a speech about China and heaven forbid there are Chinese in the audience, you cannot say anything of value. Cant say,’well, China is a tinderbox, there was recently a car bombing under Mao’s nose in broad daylight. A few days later, there was an even more sophisticated attack in Shaanxi.’

So you say, ‘China is getting better. During the recent plenum, comrade Xi unveiled new policies which will ensure that China is changing for the better. They are talking about pollution control, ending hukou and even allowing the Chinese to have two kids!’

You are covering up for uncle China shit pants, ensuring he’ll never change. Perish the thought if you said, ‘hey China why are you not denying correspondents from Reuters visas? Why are you jailing people for blogging about the truth and how in the hell can you even say you are addressing the ‘problem with corruption’ when you’ve done everything humanly possible to ensure that there is little to no accountability from communist cadres?

Because if you say this and are in any civilized country, you can rest assured that your China visa will never be approved. And worse yet, if you say such things here, you will soon be called persona non grata and probably be eviscerated. What this means is that the truth about China never comes out. Just like the family of uncle shit pants, we lie, we deceive and we enable uncle China to continue on its murderous ways.

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