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Cowardly Chinese Soldiers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 2, 2013

Japan once rolled through China and made the land its own. According to the Japanese, they were just tying to help out, make the Chinese civilized. Today I am going to set aside my Mr Niceguy attitude and come real, China you deserve what you get. I am not saying that what the Japanese did was not despicable, but am saying that the Chinese did not man up and take the fight to the Nipponese. Instead, they rolled over and gave up their women and their land. By not admitting their lack of balls in that war, they merely reinforce how weak they are.

Think about it like this, the Japanese stormed china with some zip guns and Mausers. They had 20,000-50,000 soldiers and China had about 600 million. With such j credible odds, how did the Chinese not kick some ass?

Te reason is that their recessive puss gene has become dominant. For example, instead of fighting the Japanese, Chinese soldiers actually threw away their uniforms when confronted by the Japanese. They then hid amongst the women and children. Nothing like manning up in the face of danger, right?

As a result of this, the Japanese had to kill more people as they were unaware of who the real combatants were and Chinese lives were lost. this pretty much typifies the Chinese and how they fight.

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