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China Calls England a Dog

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 5, 2013

The arrogant Chinese ate back at it. They saidEngland had run its course and pretty much useless.

The last time they said such a thing, the Brits kicked the shit out of China and took their land. Lets hope it happens again.

Comment from Anonymous
here is another news from the sick man of east asia:

Britain good for nothing but travel and study, Chinese paper claims

Chinese government-run tabloid takes aim at David Cameron suggesting that the Prime Minister lacks sincerity and his country is no longer “a big power in the eyes of the Chinese”

Britain is nothing more than “an old European country apt for travel and study”, a Chinese newspaper ranted on Tuesday as David Cameron touched down in Shanghai.

Mr Cameron was on day two of a three-day mission intended to sell the best of British business, culture and sport to China while rekindling relations with the country’s top leaders following a long diplomatic spat over the Dalai Lama.

But in a venomously worded editorial — which appeared in both the Chinese and English editions of the Global Times — the newspaper slammed the Prime Minister’s lack of “sincerity” towards Beijing and poured scorn on the nation Mr Cameron was in China trying to sell.

“What Cameron does is out of his own political interest and the UK’s national interest. His visit this time can hardly be the end of the conflict between China and the UK,” said the article, entitled: “China won’t fall for Cameron’s ‘sincerity’”.

“The Cameron administration should acknowledge that the UK is not a big power in the eyes of the Chinese. It is just an old European country apt for travel and study. This has gradually become the habitual thought of the Chinese people,” it concluded.

read the rest:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/10490531/Britain-good-for-nothing-but-travel-and-study-Chinese-paper-claims.html

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