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Baby Smashing and Problems With Affection

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 6, 2013

Check this quote…

‘My daughter’s ways of expressing herself have problems’ says the father of another neurotic, psychotic, typical Chinese chick. Some girl in Chongqing, China grabbed a toddler, slammed it t the floor and then kicked it repeatedly and her pos dad only says that his kid has a problem expressing her affection, wtf?

The sad thing is that this type of stuff is normal here, many of the Chinese are pathologically off balance. I am not talking about a little odd or even perverse, but its as if they are hard wired to be maniacs. If you dont believe me, just date one, or ride an elevator with one, or talk about Taiwan with one.

Not only do the Chinese lack an ‘inside’ voice, but they also consider mania, kicking and biting as typical forms of expression. These people are the most brutish race I have ever seen. Te actions of the Chongqing girl play out all over this place 24×7, its just you guys don’t hear about it. Te fact is that China is a jungle.


BEIJING — A videotaped assault of a toddler by an 11-year-old girl in a high rise in Chongqing has in recent days riveted Chinese, inviting comparisons to some of the world’s most brutal child murders.

The boy was snatched by the girl in the building’s elevator Nov. 27 as the boy’s grandmother tried to maneuver his tricycle out of the closing elevator doors at the ground floor, apparently planning to take him outside.

“She wanted him to smile at her and be friendly to her,” the father was quoted as telling Global Times, a state newspaper.

He said his daughter loves small animals and children, “but her ways of expressing herself have problem,’’ the newspaper reported. He said his daughter told him she didn’t throw the child from the balcony but that he fell while they were playing.

(Video shows her throwing the baby to the floor and then stomping it.)


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