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Beijing Moonlight

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 6, 2013

3 Responses to “Beijing Moonlight”

  1. quoter said

    a short clip on CCTV said that this is a “harmonious chinese sky and healthy fog”. They said that it is a sign of china’s rise to global domination and superiority.

    what comes next, according to chinese “logic”: human feces are good for you. eat it with lazi. it’s “chinese traidtional food”. best in world. cuz it’s “chinese”.

    china will end up very badly and very soon :-D. just wait. stay close to an airport guys.

    • Read ‘stinking in slop’ by Caixin, it talks about how Chinese are dumping filthy and toxic sludge on farmland as fertilizer. I wonder if the toxicity of the ecology is what has warped these people?

      • Shiraz said

        in china they use dead humans to grow rice and human feces as fertilizers. yes. sure, all this crap goes into a people’s DNA. we can see the result in china. chinese are not a member of the human race. the japanese were right and treated them accordingly.

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