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China Promotes Healthy Pollution

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 6, 2013

Quoter shared some love with a comment that follows. Basically, the chicoms call smog healthy. In a sense, i agree, anything which reduces the life of these people by 4 or 5 years must be good,,,,

Quote from Quoter
‘a short clip on CCTV said that this is a “harmonious chinese sky and healthy fog”. They said that it is a sign of china’s rise to global domination and superiority.

what comes next, according to chinese “logic”: human feces are good for you. eat it with lazi. it’s “chinese traidtional food”. best in world. cuz it’s “chinese”.

china will end up very badly and very soon :-D. just wait. stay close to an airport guys.’

Pollution pic

4 Responses to “China Promotes Healthy Pollution”

  1. KJ.Morrow said

    Reblogged this on KJ.MORROW and commented:
    While I am generally a good hearted and respectful person, open minded to others and their ways, there are some that I despise. While my five years in China were amazing, thanks to the love of some little monkeys, there is a strong hatred of many things and ways, Chinese.

    Check out this blog for some insight. Out of respect for my Chinese friends and my boys, I cannot share my negative personal thoughts in such a public way but I understand and appreciate the deep seated opinions of this blogger…

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