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Chinese Communists Kicking Out Foreign Journalistsi

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 6, 2013

In order to suck even more and keep out the truth the chicoms are in the process of kicking out foreign journalists. Why don’t we get balls and kick their 600 journalists out of our civilized world?


China is putting journalists working for American news organizations under threat of expulsion after they published a string of investigative reports that embarrassed the Communist Party.

Twenty-four foreign journalists working for The New York Times and Bloomberg could be forced to leave the country in the coming weeks after officials stalled over renewing their visas.

While China has denied or delayed visas to individual journalists in the past, it is the first time that the staff of two entire organizations have been targeted.

Both American news organizations have had their websites blocked in China since late last year after each published detailed investigative reports.

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3 Responses to “Chinese Communists Kicking Out Foreign Journalistsi”

  1. quoter said

    the mainland-ape-chinks started this last year. kicking out journalists who reported the truth about china and its society etc. european ones, al-jazeera, japanese and north americans. It’s a good sign actually. It means that china is in trouble and under tremendeous inner pressure. A good sign.

    china will end up very very badly soon. history repeats itself. china will be the land of blood and chaos and cannibalism once again. just sit back and watch.

    North Korea (“small china”) can only wage war for 24 hours. their fuel ressources are THAT limited (they try to compensate their weakness with a big yellow mouth). the yellow chinese can’t stand a war for 48 hours, they will then fall apart. Why does a race with the smallest dick and zero culture have such a big mouth?

    it’s time to prepare for war against those apes. It will be a very short one. HingKong will be an independent nation and key cities in china will be administered by U.N. forces. my guess: it will happen in 5-10 years.

    chinese nukes (given to them by the soviets…) are obsolete and can be shot down before they reach their target. If any of their yellow nukes rech their target it will the end of china. will make the world cleaner.

    • Good points. In addition, how long can China battle with no oil? Oh wait they can protect their petrol tankers through the straight of Malacca with that ‘aircraft carrier’, that is once they get planes which can fly from it and pilots who can commandeer the craft.

      Although they have stolen out tech, they cannot replicate our quality. When will the Big Bang?

  2. quoter said

    i had a chat with a chinese “teacher” in the USA. she said to me that the white race must be destroyed so that the chinese race will rule the world. this chink lives in the USA since 10 years and she admitted that she is doing everything to teach garbage to the whites but giving all advantages possible to chinese students. she said that the “white trash” must die and she lives in the usa for one reason only: to destroy the white race and only supports the chinese ccp-whores and sons and daughters.

    the chinese are now talking about “race” and they really believe that they are superior. do you want an orang-utan to tell you what to do?

    this is true. it comes of no surprise to me.

    usa: you have a problem.

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