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Pathetic China Importing British Sperm

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 7, 2013

Even Chinese pigs suck. Why else are the Brits shooting them with sperm? The truth is that Chinese pigs exemplify this place, they are pretty much worthless. As a result, the Brits have to inseminate Chinese pigs, and no not the two legged ones.


“British Prime Minister David Cameron was in China for the past three days for a trip that has seen some controversial moments. However, there’s at least one clear success: The United Kingdom has signed a deal to export porcine semen to China that will net British farmers a reported £45-million ($73-million) a year.

Yes, pig sperm.

According to a report in the Guardian, beginning next year British pigs will be taken to one of four artificial insemination centers in the U.K. and their semen will then fly to China (either frozen or fresh) and be used to inseminate the Chinese pig population.

Big trades of sperm may seem unusual, but in the world of pig farming this makes complete sense. The Chinese pork industry is staggeringly huge — more than half of the pigs in the world are believed to live in China and it is a major source of protein for Chinese citizens — but the industry is out of date and inefficient. Incredibly, despite its huge pig population, China became a net importer of pork in 2008.”



2 Responses to “Pathetic China Importing British Sperm”

  1. quoter said

    china also stores human sperm from whites. they sell it to daughters of communist officials to get a “white chinese”. i am not kidding. i heard enough while dining with ccp-animals in china. china is a country which cannot be described with human words. we need to destroy the chinese pest. china is a threat to humanity.

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