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Chinese Immigrants Say White Race Must Be Destroyed

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 10, 2013

Below is another comment from Quoter. He is talking about some pug snouted Chinese she beast

Who has emigrated to the land of freedom and thinks whites must be exterminated. Of course the she monster now lives with us. My two questions:
1-why do Chinese so desperately want to escape this stink pit and go to free countries and then try to turn those lands into the same shit hole that the Chinese abandoned? 2-who is bringing all those filth mawed Chinese to our countries, anyway?

Lastly, I have a story of my own. I know a guy was ‘teaching english’ aka doing a Chinese lady who had emigrated to the USA with her Chinese hubby. The guy was a surgeon. This chicom thug would tell his wife about how China would one day attack the USA and that he could not wait. He would tell her how he would help the motherland in fighting the evil Americans. And this pos was sucking the teat of Mrs. america.

The reality is that these people do not like nor respect us. i may rant a lot, but many a truth is said in jest and what I say is 95% true.

Quoter quoting…
i had a chat with a chinese “teacher” in the USA. she said to me that the white race must be destroyed so that the chinese race will rule the world. this chink lives in the USA since 10 years and she admitted that she is doing everything to teach garbage to the whites but giving all advantages possible to chinese students. she said that the “white trash” must die and she lives in the usa for one reason only: to destroy the white race and only supports the chinese ccp-whores and sons and daughters.

the chinese are now talking about “race” and they really believe that they are superior. do you want an orang-utan to tell you what to do?

this is true. it comes of no surprise to me.

usa: you have a problem

Chinese ‘beauties’

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