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Beijing Subway and Chinese Perverts

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 11, 2013

China has boatloads of pervs, its hardcoded into them. Due to a lack of self control/morals, its anything goes here. The following is from wantchinatimes and exemplifies such weirdos.


A man has been caught on camera hiding underneath seats on the Beijing subway in order to touch female passengers’ legs, reports the Beijing Times.

A passenger surnamed Zhou said he saw something from the corner of his eye while riding on a Line 2 subway train near Xizhimen Station at around 2 pm on Dec. 6. “There were just a few passengers in the car. When I took a closer look, I found there was a man lying under the seat,” Zhou said.

Zhou said the man was wearing a mask and a blue coat and looked to be around 30 years old. According to Zhou, the man stuck out his hand and touched the legs of seated female passengers. He added that the passengers did not seem to notice or react to what was happening.


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