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Chinese Cannot Innovate-China Facts

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 11, 2013

People like to glamorize China, they talk about its glorious past. From what I’ve read, they must be defining ‘glory’ as fetid toilets, coarseness, lack of Hygiene and stuporific malaise that only these people possess.

From what I can tell, the glory of China’s past is about as bright as sunshine in Beijing. They are a warring, intolerant and ignorant people who declared war on everything and usually lost, or maybe its just me.

In any event, some guy wrote a book about this dungeon and these sots and he described some Chinese facts. Here is something to file under ‘no shit’, these people cannot create different hairstyles…


Children’s hairstyles in China have been remarkably consistent from the Zhou dynasty to the present day. By custom, children had their head shaved on a lucky day one month (or slightly less) after birth…Later both boys and girls might have two tufts plaited to curve down to the left and right like horns, hence their name,guan O, horn-like tufts….The shaved heads and tufts of infancy survived the reforms and revolutions of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and are still a common sight.


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