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Fine Dining in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 12, 2013

China has opened a new high class eatery. Its name is translated as ‘Hogs at the slop trough’

Pictured is one of China’s elite, enjoying a meal there.

Call for reservations…,

5 Responses to “Fine Dining in China”

  1. Shiraz said

    Eggs Soaked In Children’s Urine


    • Caveat is it turns your skin yellow.

    • This is so China

      • change said

        and that’s what they eat it in china (shanghai, beijing, nanjing, shaanxi etc.). and also —ape feces– with rice and human brain with rice (seen in Xiamen and Shanghai). and clinton sold his soul to that disgusting country and was so proud of it. he is responsible to pull them into the WTO. i guess his Lewinsky slut blew him so well that he lost his lil brain. now we have to deal with a primitive monster called china and the only choice we have is to destroy that shithole by war. It will happen soon. history repeats itself.

  2. fuck_dirty_hainan_china said

    quote: “Vendors who sell the eggs, like 51-year-old Ge Yaohua, claim the “fragrant” eggs have miraculous healing properties, promoting better circulation, increasing stamina and preventing heat stroke.”

    “They are good for your health,” Ge told Reuters. “Our family has them for every meal. In Dongyang, every family likes eating them.”


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