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China Says Must ‘Befriend’ Tibet- By Killing It?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 13, 2013

The following shows chicom logic. The Chinese want to ‘befriend’ Tibet. Lets see how…


China must grasp the heart of the people with one hand and seize the law with the other to strike down illegal groups, the ruling Communist Party chief in Tibet, Chen Quanguo, said in the official People’s Daily newspaper.

To win favor with monks and nuns, officials must ensure all monasteries have electricity and running water, display national flags and images of government leaders, and get access to state television, newspapers and libraries, Chen said.

Officials must “to the greatest degree unite monks and nuns with the masses around the party and government and make them aware of the party’s kindness,” Chen said in a commentary.


Yeah China, great job!

3 Responses to “China Says Must ‘Befriend’ Tibet- By Killing It?”

  1. Me said

    China so loves the country of Tibet that is has declared martial law, disallowed freedom of religion and forcing interbreeding between humans and the Han Chinese .

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