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Survey Shows Chinese Do not Trust Americans

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 14, 2013

Below are the results of a sruvey whereby the Xhinese see the USA as a greater threat than Japan.
Aren’t these the same pos’s who lie, cheat and die to get into our country? Who plan pregnancies around
USA trips and whose greatest aspiration is to be a US citizen?

Seems to me like it is the same group. That being the case, we should show the Chinese the same ‘hospitality’ in the USA that they show us here. Make it next to impossible to get a visa. Cheat them
Every chance we get, expel them and kick out their journalists.

The truth is that the time will come when they force us to jump bad, and at that time we need all of their
Horrible offspring out of our unis and companies as well.

In viewing the other country as a major threat, there was a split, with Chinese markedly more suspicious. 63 percent of the Chinese public see the U.S. as the biggest threat to their country, with 81 percent of business elites saying that. Coming in a distant second as a threat was Japan. (Given that the survey happened before the recent tensions over the Diaoyu Islands—or, as the Japanese call them, the Senkaku—that perception may have shifted, the survey notes.)


If any of you border agents are reading this, do your freaking job and keep Chinese wilder She-beasts out, the majority
Just want to have a US citizen baby.

3 Responses to “Survey Shows Chinese Do not Trust Americans”

  1. Fanta said

    yeah right. and where do the thieves from the ccp escape with their stolen cash?: usa
    while stealing and murdering the people in the mainland they shout out slogans like: usa is evil, usa is the enemy.
    where do they send their disgusting kin and sons and daughters to study and to get citizenship?: usa

    sick chinese psyche.

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