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To Qouter

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 16, 2013

Quoter, per your comment…

Vid would not load. Chicom engineering has rendered youtube virtually useless, even with vpn.

Side note-check out the book, the tragedy of liberation by Dikotter. Great book… Thanks for the links btw

Many chicom friends have said they see a war coming soon, its like you said.

3 Responses to “To Qouter”

  1. quoter said

    try this free proxy: http://ultrasurf.us/ . works best with firefox and its addon.

    i said that a war won’t break out. the reds can only lose. china is a weak clown but they have the potential to do what they do best: murder, chaos, holocaust and death. their stupid actions can incinerate south-east asia with unpredictable consequences for the rest of world. but one outcome is as clear as water: china and its ccp-thugs will disappear in a flood of blood. not without taking a part of the world with them. their brain is not human. the red thugs could use their nukes as a last way to stay in power (end scenario). irrational and primitive as they are…i think they would do it.

  2. quoter said

    they wanna show to their slaves back home: “the ccp is strong and we own the world.” hell, it is very well possible that they don’t even care about those senkaku rocks. it’s all an excuse to distract from massive inner problems (economy, pollution, massive debt, food safety, growing unrest etc.) those animals are playing their dangerous games at the expense of others and world peace. those thugs are criminals. china is a threat to itself and to world peace

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